Pea Gravel has lots of uses.
  • Pea gravel can be used for playgrounds, but check with the local to see if it can pass certain tests needed for minimum safety requirements.
  • The material is a great alternative for your driveway and costs are much less than concrete.
  • Pea gravel has a natural look, helps to minimize soil erosion, contours to follow any path through a landscape and repair costs are minimal compared to concrete.
  • Installation does not require any heavy or expensive specialty equipment. Whether you’re a contractor or are planning a project for your home, installing a pea gravel driveway is a great choice for the cost conscious.
  • Pea gravel walkways have always been a great choice for homeowners and property managers alike. The gravel path is eye-appealing and will connect your outdoor living space with your gardens.
  • This of course will eliminate foot prints on the grass and mud on the soles of your shoes.
  • The pea gravel path is easy to install and to maintain, and once the installation is completed you need only to spot weed seasonally.